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久々のトムの生声!We've Never Really Gone Away

久しぶりのインタビューです!!!コッソリご堪能ください!!!(え?) recently conducted an interview with vocalist Tom Keifer of CINDERELLA. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below. Are CINDERELLA coming back?

Tom: We've never really gone away. We've been kind of on a break because I injured my voice a few years back and I've been trying to rehabilitate my vocal chords and train it back to where I can be able to perform a CINDERELLA show again. I though that I was there in the summer of 2008 for the tour for the States here, and we ended up having to cancel that tour because I re-injured my voice. Since then I've been working on trying to get it strong again, which I am glad to say it's very strong now and we're looking to be back out on the road in 2010. Are you preparing a solo album?

Tom: Yeah. I've been working on my solo record for probably about four years now. I've been working off and on on it in between tours with CINDERELLA and life in general. It's been a work in progress for about four years and I'm at a point where I'm just about finished with it now. I'm pretty happy with it. I've re-cut things, and remixed some songs and reworked things and rearranged things for a while now and I think I finally got it where I want it. What should we expect of it? How does it sound? How would you describe it?

Tom: It's a lot like CINDERELLA music because, being the main songwriter and the lead singer, and I did a lot of the guitar work for CINDERELLA, so that style comes through on this record. So it's definitely a hard rock record but it has dynamics to it, too, the way CINDERELLA records do, and there's a lot of very hard-driven songs in it but there are also ballads and some acoustic music on it too. It has the peaks and valleys and it takes you on a ride throughout the record so窶ヲ

The entire interview is available in text and audio format at The audio version of the chat can also be streamed using the player below.

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人気ブログランキングへ     にほんブログ村 音楽ブログ ロックへにほんブログ村 ブログランキング
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